Breaking Boundaries

BREAKING BOUNDARIES is a young and vibrant independent bag designer brand that carries personalities. Infusing the experimental, surreal elements into bag designs, they try to break the definition of a “bag” and let the fun, creativity, and art flourish in the process freely. 


"SEVENQINIAN"(means seven years in English) is an independent accessories design studio run by two good friends Yaya and Ali who live in Hangzhou, China. The brand was founded when the two girls had known each other for 7 years. By creating beautiful and delicate jewelries with their passion and heartfulness, they hope to share the artistry and exquisiteness they experience together in life with more people.  



MaHETON is an independent accessory design studio based in Hangzhou, China. The majority of their designs are whimsical earrings made from resin. The designers insist on a non-assembly line manufacturing process. With a distinctive soul and a sense of playfulness and fashion embedded in each piece of earrings, everything is crafted and colored by hand.

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