PICTMOMENT was founded in 2017 at the China Academy of Fine Art.Every color, stroke, and texture on the jewelry is drawn by CAFA graduates Bei and Yi.Beautiful things are ubiquitous, yet the ones painted only for you are unique.At PICTMOMENT, every charm is painted by hands for you.

NOIR Atelier


NOIR Atelier provides high-quality products by executing the best craftsmanship and choosing the best materials (For example, for all its card cases, NOIR Atelier sources the leather from the best Chevre Mysore Leather supplier in France, who also supplies the same Chevre Mysore Leather to Hermès for making Birkin bags). The brand also tries to minimize commercial advertising to achieve the best affordable price tags.



MaHETON is an independent accessory design studio based in Hangzhou, China. The majority of their designs are whimsical earrings made from resin. The designers insist on a non-assembly line manufacturing process. With a distinctive soul and a sense of playfulness and fashion embedded in each piece of earrings, everything is crafted and colored by hand.

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