NOIR Atelier

 NOIR Atelier  |  Leather Products  |  Creative, Colorful, Minimalist, Elevated

Born in the suburb of Shanghai allowed designer Xin Chen for the experience of both peaceful country life and busy metropolitan life. The skills of making leather goods and the passion for designing makes Xin come up with the idea of incorporating contrast elements in his brand - NOIR Atelier. Xin designs products for customers who have a passion for fashion and never follow others.

NOIR atelier provides high-quality products by choosing the best materials (e.g. for the "Nature Series" card cases, NOIR Atelier sources from the best Chevre Mysore Leather supplier in France, who also supplies the same Chevre Mysore Leather to Hermès for making Birkin bags) and executing the best craftsmanship. The brand also tries to minimize commercial advertising to achieve the best affordable price tags.