Why So Affordable?

Breaking the Price Myth

You may wonder how it is possible that a pair of originally designed 18K gold plated earrings costs as little as $7.25, an 18K silver filled ring costs less than $14.5,  a pair of gold vermeil (e.g.24K gold layer on 925 sterling silver) earrings costs only $20, or a genuine leather handcrafted crossbody bag costs merely $27?!

Well, we got it, this might be confusing… it’s like an entirely new and fantastic world rolled out in front of you that is full of fancy and charming gems while being almost incompatibly accessible! To break the price myth, there are several contributing "behind-the-scene facts" we’d like to share with you.  

Fact No.1 : Our marginal profit per item is very slim, therefore our business model makes sense on a large scale. So, we really hope you like what we do and support us to grow REALLY BIG :P.  

Fact No. 2 : Most of the designs sold on our platform are “Designed & Made in China” products because we believe it is the time to shake up the stereotype of “Made in China” as the negative “cheap and low quality” connotations are not necessarily true anymore. As a significant part of our founding team have both lived and studied internationally and have always been in constant contact with the Chinese market witnessing first-hand the consequence of rising disposable income and cutthroat competitions brought about by globalization, consumers in China are increasingly demanding high-quality goods and services. Consequently, China has evolved and grown from being the "world's factory" and "copy machine" to a hub that has taken initiatives and developed a keen appreciation for creativity, originality, and craftsmanship. What’s more? There is a big bonus tagged along: as China still takes a lead in manufacturing expertise, resources, and extensive supply chains, independent fashion labels in China are able to offer products with a great value per dollar, giving them strong competency in the global market. For example, accessories designers on AHED Project platform source high-grade materials, depending on types (enamels, wood, metal, PMMA, sequins, pearls), from the world’s biggest suppliers located in southwest China, east coast of China, and Japan, respectively.

Fact No.3 : As many of the designers we collaborate with are relatively new graduates out of design schools in China, London, Paris, Milan, they are at a stage in their lives where the value of getting hands-on-experience in the fashion industry exceeds the importance of profits. Therefore, prices are often set much lower than “made-it designers standard” and are competitive in the mass Chinese consumers market.  

Hope these candid facts help demystify the hard-to-believe affordability for the high-end designs on our website. We make every effort to provide our customers with AHED's core value “Affordable High-end Designs”, and we believe by leveraging the resources on a global scale, integrating light weight business model and efficient logistics, amazing designs can actually be accessible to everyone!