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“SUSO” is founded by Zhang Jun Jie; a teacher at the China Academy Of Art, the studio is located in the scenic and poetic Hangzhou, “SUSO” design wants to convey an elegant yet simplistic lifestyle, to pursue a design ideology that beautifully combines traditional craft with contemporary products.The brand started in October 2011, and decided to use an innovative design concept, to understand the essence of China’s fundamental culture and integrate it into modern lifestyle.

 “ As a man from the south of Yangtze River region, I have been exploring the aesthetic foundation given to me by my unique upbringing environment.  As a product designer, I am always at the frontline of daily products designs. My wish is to let the world understand Chinese culture more and make the world a more enjoyable place by creating products carried with deep value of technology, craftsmanship and culture.”

- by SUSO's Chief Designer Junjie