COVID-19 Supplies

Since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak in the US, we've repositioned our supply chain to acquire critical medical supplies from FDA registered manufacturers in China to meet the surging needs in the US. So far, we've been able to ship over 1 million masks to governments, healthcare systems, and essential businesses in the US.
We are continuing to supply essential PPE to businesses and institutions that need to reopen as we want to carry on with the endeavor to protect people who are risking their health to provide us services.

Below, you can find the basic information on the PPE we are supplying at the moment. And please note that the shown prices are retail prices for individual orders. To learn more about the prices, MOQ, or ordering process for business procurement, please contact us at
At AHED Project, we are making our best efforts to combat the COVID-19 together with you. Stay healthy and positive!
Note: The masks inventories are ready for pickup and shipment immediately from our US warehouse. Our quality control team did factory inspection on-site for every manufacturer we work with. Certificates & test reports are available for all the products at request.
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