Me Too Workshop

   Me Too Workshop |  Accessories  |  Minimalist, Organic, Polymer-Clay, Gold Plated


Founded in Beijing in 2015, Me Too Workshop is a relaxed, lively and somewhat naughty jewelry design brand. MTW’s design inspiration comes from everyday life, such as food(e.g. "Color Candy Series" and "Sesame Peanut Sugar Series”). Travel is another key source of inspiration. Architecture, color, and artistic humanities of different countries and regions have brought together the “Orbital Light" and "Klein Blue" series.

From these series, you can see a young girl who loves to travel, to eat, to play, and loves all beautiful things and who is also a little bit cool. We hope to connect with similar souls through these shared topics, interests, and artistic languages.

Me Too Workshop has been recognized by creative and artistic hand-made clay accessories and has more than 150,000 followers so far. Eco-friendly polymer clay - our current main design material, constantly brings us unexpected inspiration and creativity in the process of being sculpted. All the pieces are hand-polished in the brand's Beijing studio thus each one of them has a unique texture and characteristic that only belongs to you.