Founded in San Francisco, AHED Project (a.k.a. Affordable High-end Designs Project) is a platform that breaks regional limits for both creators and consumers in the niche of fashion design, connecting emerging independent fashion labels across the globe with style-savvy customers like you!

We strive to provide the most incredible value and shopping experience for our customers, and please find a few reasons below on why you should not hesitate to start shopping with us :) :

  • Curated independent fashion design labels from across the globe
  • Fresh and diverse collections at best price on the market 
  • Deliver straight to your doorstep, shop globally without leaving home
  • Designs with creativity, quality, affordability, and integrity
  • Subsidized international shipping, you pay less than what the shipping and handling actually costs 
  • Local US return address, greatly reducing your risk of purchasing 

In the first phase, AHED Project focuses on voicing the young, talented yet underrepresented “Designed in China” fashion labels because after roughly a decade of consumption upgrade and market transformation (with rising disposable income and high market competitions brought about by globalization, consumers in China have been increasingly demanding high-quality goods and services) , China has evolved and grown from being the "world's factory" and "copy machine" to a hub of initiatives and has developed a keen appreciation for creativity, originality, and craftsmanship. Additionally, there is a big bonus tagged along: as China still takes a lead in manufacturing expertise, resources, and extensive supply chains, independent fashion labels in China are able to offer products with great value per dollar, giving them strong competency in the global market. If you have no idea what this means and how it is manifested, check out the items on our website and we guarantee you will be WOW-ed :P

 We see great potential and value in these up-and-coming designers in the increasingly dynamic environment on the other side of the world and partner directly with these exciting labels to synchronize their products lines in the US market WITHOUT ANY PRICE MARKUP (which means you’ll pay the same price for a given product regardless if you buy here or from the designer directly in their local market), aiming to facilitate the authentic interactions and most up-to-date understandings between the two incredibly vibrant markets in the language of fashion and design.

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Have any question or comment for us? Please shoot us an email at: info@ahedproject.com